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Born: August 21, 1981
Southampton, NY
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Residence: Princeton, NJ
Ht: 6'5"
Event(s): Men's pair

Cameron Winklevoss makes his Olympic debut in 2008, rowing in the pair with his twin brother, Tyler. A spare for the 2007 Worlds, Winklevoss won gold in the eight at the Pan American Games and won silver in the four. In 2008, he and his brother finished second at Olympic Trials.

Finding his sport
After seeing how much their neighbor enjoyed the sport, Winklevoss and his brother began rowing during the freshman year of high school. Training at a local club in Westport, Conn., they eventually started the crew team at their high school. Also a squash player, Winklevoss decided on rowing: "I guess my dad was into distance sports," he said. "So I was used to the endurance aspect." He also credits his high school coach, James Mangan: "He brought out the beauty in the sport for me," he said. "He was a good motivator in that he emphasized positive qualities."

Rowing in college
Winklevoss and his brother went on to row at Harvard, where they were NCAA champions in the eight their senior year. Winklevoss graduated in 2004 with a degree in economics. After graduating, they stayed in Boston and trained until 2006, when they moved to Princeton.

A lot in common
"We've followed the same path for a while," Winklevoss said of his twin, Tyler. "But anybody's who's spent a little time with us instantly recognizes how we are different." He calls himself more creative and artistic, while Tyler is more analytical. In terms of their success in the boat, Winklevoss says it's no surprise they've rowed well together. "Part of it is that we have the same physical make-up, but we also both have technical aptitude," he said. "We also have great dialogue; we really work to achieve a common goal."

Big ideas
"I'm pretty entrepreneurial," said Winklevoss. "I definitely like to create. It interests me to identify a potential need for something and fill that void." This desire led him and his brother to create a social networking site called ConnectU while at Harvard. The site was launched just after Facebook, but the Winklevoss' and a friend maintain that the concept for both was originally their idea. Currently involved in a lawsuit with Facebook, Winklevoss remains hopeful: "I've always felt strongly on the merits of our case," he said.

Striking a chord
Outside of rowing, Winklevoss likes to play the guitar. Self-taught in college, he started by playing around on the acoustic. Recently, he picked up an electric guitar: "I like the Eddie van Halen sound. It's quick and fast and requires a ton of practice." Sharing an apartment with his brother in Princeton, he says, "It's usually not too loud, but he's probably heard certain songs a thousand times."



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