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Phelps at the table

By Carrie McClure
Posted Friday, August 15, 2008 7:43 PM ET
Look at what Michael Phelps eats each day.

DENVER - When word got out that gold medalist Michael Phelps consumed a whopping 12,000 calories a day, 9NEWS' partners at KOA Radio wanted to know what that looked like on a plate. Or in this case, several plates.

"We got a hold of exactly the menu that Michael Phelps eats from, and the folks from Baker Street Pub have made to order every single item that he eats in a day," said radio host Dave Logan. "We're going to see if we can consume everything in this studio by the time we are off the air at 5 p.m. That, or throw up."

In five buffet-sized bins, Phelps' typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu were heated up.

So what does 12,000 calories look like, you ask?

For a typical breakfast, Phelps eats three fried egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayo. He also eats one, five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast with powdered sugar, three chocolate chip pancakes and two cups of coffee.

For lunch, it's a thousand calories worth of energy drinks, one pound of pasta with tomato sauce, and two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread.

Finally for dinner, Phelps consumes six to eight slices of pizza, another pound of pasta with tomato sauce, and another thousand calories worth of energy drinks.

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Logan and his co-host of the day, Gloria Neal, ate a pancake, a piece of pizza, a spoon-full of grits, part of the omelet, and a fried egg sandwich, before they couldn't eat any more.

When a listener called in to ask how they were doing, Dave simply answered, "Good, getting stuffed quickly, but good."



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